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Things to do to Have a Voice in the Digital World

The digital world has become even more important for you to reach your target audience in different locations, especially during the pandemic period. In order to have a voice in the digitally globalized world, the right steps need to be taken in the light of digital marketing investments and digital trends. In this article, we’ll talk about what these steps are.

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the developments and marketing trends in the digital world which we also mentioned briefly in our previous blog post and in the monthly newsletter that presents sectoral news and new trends.

It has become very important to predict technological and digital developments in all sectors and their addition to the brands. By anticipating innovations and leading in use, brands get one step ahead in digital marketing compared to their competitors. Because in this way, you can reach a larger audience, grow your business, and increase your profitability rate. Close communication with the user is at the top of today's trends. For this, instead of communication via e-mail, private messaging applications and chat robots are preferred since they are faster and interactive. Among them, applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber are at the forefront. It is even said that direct payments can be made through these private messaging applications in the near future. On the other hand, artificial intelligence-assisted chat robots that are not only time-savers but also help you to obtain data and report user complaints and suggestions are also one of the important marketing communication trends. Using one of these two features in your sales channels will increase your sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Today, users want to shop without any interruption, no matter what their mood is and where they are. One of the trends that will increase your sales rates in parallel with uninterrupted shopping is the digital wallets preferred due to security and practicality. If you make digital wallet options available on payment pages on your website, you can offer an easy payment experience to your audience. Especially considering the increase in mobile usage and mobile commerce rates in the customer experience, the use of digital wallets will give you a surplus-value.

In a study conducted in the USA, 73 percent of people stated that customer experience is an important factor affecting their purchasing decisions. When we consider the hundreds of ads that each brand offers to its target audience, we can say that to differentiate from your competitors, you must create custom ads. Imagine that every user encounters hundreds of ads on digital channels per day, and the messages you want to convey disappear among them. The most effective solution here is to deliver personal messages to users in your audience based on their customer experience. With personalized ads, you can both grab users' attention more and make them feel special. The first thing that comes to mind is the retargeting ads that you can target in parallel with the products, ads, pages which attract the interest of the user. In this way, you can ensure the users encounter the products and services which they are already interested in and intend to buy and increase the chances of your ads returning to sales. When talking about the impact of customer experience and personal marketing, it is impossible not to mention personalized websites. Large companies such as Amazon analyze the behavior of their users, viewing their buying habits and backgrounds, and offer them personalized websites that are organized in parallel with this data. This increases both the rate of users’ spending time on the website and the possibility of purchasing the product. It is thought that there will be a huge increase in personalized websites in 2021. We suggest you be prepared as well for this trend.

Another important point is SEO. As you know, as the period, trends, and user habits change, the searched words and needs on the search engines are shaped accordingly. For this reason, in order to be more accessible in the digital world, you should use current, relevant, and trending keywords, and do new-generation SEO. For example, you should work on SEO for voice searches that are increasingly used by voice assistants or position zero to go above the organic results in Google searches.

One of the features that are expected to be trending and increase in value in 2021 are live videos. Live videos, which are the most used digital communication method during the pandemic process, have become the mainstream communication method in almost all sectors. Now users watch live videos 3 times more than previously prepared videos. For this reason, you can give information about your products and services to the users with live videos and make themselves a part of the experience. We especially recommend using live videos in your social media marketing communications. In the upcoming period, if you can offer a shopping experience on live videos on your e-commerce site and provide virtual reality integration to videos as big brands do, this will be an important innovative experience for your brand and audience.

Published Date: 28 July 2020

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