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The 5 New Content Marketing Trends

With the impact of the pandemic process, marketing activities, and innovations that will come to the fore in the second half of 2020 is also a matter of curiosity. Content marketing is one of these marketing activities. In this article, we'll cover the trends and tendencies in content marketing.

One of the most important features of the digital marketing world, in which the content marketing area is also taking part, is its dynamic structure that is constantly changing, creating different trends depending on new technologies and world conditions. Brands should follow the trends of this dynamic structure and shape their strategies according to these trends in order to ensure high customer interaction, sell products, and retain customers.

Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is an important marketing technique to  reach the target audience and raise awareness. By exhibiting a sustainable and holistic way of communication in content marketing, brands can establish an emotional bond with their consumers and increase their brand loyalty. For this reason, in the digitalized world, especially with the pandemic period, since the use of digital media has increased and the marketing activities of brands tend to focus on digital platforms, content marketing strategies become very important in order to achieve customer action.

Social Responsibility 

The sensitivity of brands to social issues has become an important reason for the preference of consumers who have become more sensitive with to pandemic process. The effects of increased awareness of sustainable products, the environment, and diversity play a big part in the emergence of this situation.

In today's world where social responsibility awareness has become a trend, brands have become aware of the need to create a sensitive brand image in order for the sensitive consumer to connect with the brand. With this awareness, they started to work more in their content under the theme of social responsibility, from environmentally friendly products to environmentally friendly delivery conditions or social aid campaigns which they are a part of. In this context, it is clear that we will see more compatible content with current events this year and in the coming years.

User Generated Content 

One of the trendiest types of content in recent years was user-generated content. Studies show that 85% of consumers still see this type of content among the most influential content trends. The biggest advantage of this type of content is that it both promotes the brand and reflects the opinion of the consumer. For this reason, it is a content type that always comes closer to the target audience and has higher credibility. If we exemplify user-generated content; We can talk about consumers visiting the store, explaining the quality of the products they bought, or moving the posts they shared in their profile to the brand page.

Video Content 

One of the timeless elements of content marketing trends is video content. What makes video content popular is that not only it appeals to the eyes and ears at the same time but also delivers more messages and emotions in a single content. In addition, the high video conversion rates in social media and video sharing platforms are other factors that led brands to this type of content. On top of that, studies show how much consumers pay attention to video content. More than 50% of consumers state that online videos have helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy and over 55% of shoppers say they used online videos when shopping at the store.

While talking about this trend, we should also mention live videos. Live broadcasts, whose usage rate increased with the pandemic period, are watched 3 times more than traditional videos. The reason for this is, since they are in real-time, they sound more realistic to the target audience than the prepared video contents. To take advantage of the rise of live videos, brands can promote their products or product demos with live videos, broadcast live from their stores, or share important announcements live with their target audience.

Voice Search 

Our other content marketing trend is voice searches. With many people starting to use voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, brands need to think about voice searches and revise their marketing strategies accordingly. The efforts to include voice search in content marketing can be started by optimizing the brand to appear in searches made through voice assistants and voicing the content in a way that customers can also speak.

Messaging and Chatbots

With advanced technology, content should promise more than just read and watched. For this, it is necessary to integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence into the contents. One of the most popular ways to do this is to add chatbots to social media pages for website messaging. Chatbots are a time-saving and consumer-pleasing trend that answer common questions about brands, products, and services, provide details about payment and product delivery and record customer feedback.

By creating remarkable content that is compatible with these new content marketing trends, it seems much more possible to reach consumers and leave a lasting impression on them who are lost in uncertainty, reluctant to return to old habits, become more sensitive and emotional.

Published Date: 24.09.2020

Things To Do To Have A Voice In The Digital World

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