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 Publishing date: 11 June 2021

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Kids Fashion Spring-Summer 22 Season Trend

The pandemic period has created some fundamental differences in the kids fashion industry. As of course, in every industry. Parents and their children experienced tension, attention difficulties and lack of motivation. These were due to not being able to socialize routine daily life. This has led brands to develop their creativity. As well as use colors that have a positive emotional impact on personality. We will discuss these emerging color trends and the impressions they want to create.

Every kids fashion brand should consider some factors in its marketing activities. Among them, the conditions of the period, consumer habits, and psychology come first. We have touched on this subject before in our different blog posts. The pandemic period also means strain of school closures. This comes with disrupted daily routines and reduced social interactions for parents and their children. This causes changes in habits and some behavioral disorders, especially in children. For example, a study conducted at Oxford University found that children aged 4-10 years had more emotional, behavioral and attention difficulties than older children.

Loyalty to brands that can provide emotional, psychological and social value as well as providing quality services and products to their target audience is always greater. For this reason, the brands in the kids products industry are also developing more holistic tools, trends that can help children cope with anxiety and other pandemic conditions. Of course, using the trend colors shaped under these conditions we mentioned…

Kid Fashion Trend Colors: Spring-Summer 22

Post-pandemic positivity prevails in the colors of the Spring-Summer 22 season determined by WGSN and Coloro. The Spring-Summer 22 colors contain a constant sense of vigilance due to the possible impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, colors emphasize the feeling of empathy, trust, well-being, consistency, temptingness and calmness. The reassuring and coherent hues of green, blue and yellow, especially the juicy pink and orange hues that bring excitement and optimism to the season, balance the desire to be new and the need for familiarity. In addition, clear, attractive colors that will create a feeling of return to nature and vitality after long periods of quarantine and isolation also come to the fore in kids fashion. Of course, we should not forget the technological tones that refer to the digital transformation that has accelerated with the pandemic.

On-trend colors, Jenny Clark, WGSN Color Director, says: “This season’s colors are driven by a desire to be uplifted and energized while staying grounded and balanced. Consumers will reconnect with tones that spark joy. This is whether from a nostalgic or a sensorial experience. These colors will either ground or entice us with their delicious and textural charm.”

The trend colors of the season are divided into two themes. These are enhanced nature and everyday pleasure. Enhanced nature consists of natural tones. These are especially intensified, while everyday pleasure consists of more subdued and grounded tones.

1. Enhanced Nature 

We can define the enhanced nature theme as an intense, eco-friendly and joy-inducing theme. This color palette consists of intensified organic tones. It creates feelings of joy, pleasure, tranquillity. In short, a palette that raises the mood and gives energy. This palette is called enhanced nature. Because it contains nature as well as an unnatural side. Therefore, it connects the online and physical context. Also, Orchid flower, red glow, nectar, aloe gel, pure water, daylight blue are some of the colors included in the theme.

2. Everyday Pleasure 

Everyday pleasure consists of balanced, calming and soothing tones. It even refers to everyday objects. And also inspired by the senses of taste, touch and smell. Calming colors and pastel colors come together in the theme. They create a holistic look from head to toe. That's why we see smooth transitions rather than jarring contrasts. For instance, the wide range of shades of pink and yellow. Colors included the theme of olive oil, butter, dark mustard, mother of pearl, electric magenta, pink clay, mineral yellow, rabbit's paw.

3. Orchid Flower 


However, we wanted to open a parenthesis for one of the colors in these two themes. The color that is thought to lead among the season's color trends is Orchid Flower. This color is selected from an enhanced nature theme. It is even believed that the color will gain popularity around the world. (We recommend that you include this color in your plans already.) Orchid Flower is a versatile color that connects the real-life and digital world. In particular, it contains the strong appeal of vibrant pink. And thus provokes feelings of positivity and vitality.

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