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Publishing date: 31 May 2021

Average Reading Time: 5 minutes

Color Trends: 3 Colors That Stand Out in 2021

Shutterstock investigated the colors that attracted attention in the image searches and downloads made through the platform. And it determined the colors that will dominate the year 2021. These color trends include global tones preferred around the world. Also, it is used to tell the story of 2021 in many areas from the digital world to the fashion industry.

Colors influence and shape our entire experience. It takes its strength from emotions. It reflects how we think, how we feel. Reactions, historicality and events are reflected in our lives with universal color trends. Therefore, color choices are very important to influence the target audience and make the right impressions on them.

Global image platform Shutterstock determined the color trends of the year thanks to the HEX code data in each pixel of the most downloaded and saved images. These color trends are shaped by the impact of the pandemic process we are in and the expectation of returning to normal. In other words, tones that are filled with hope and optimism and nurtured by nature ... Flo Lau, the creative director of the platform, summarizes this situation as follows in her statement about the 2021 color trends.‘‘Brands and agencies have been using bold colors to make a difference for years. This year, we see these colors transform into optimistic colors that arouse hope."

Color Trends Determined by Shutterstock 

What the hues in the 2021 color trends are trying to convey is the feeling that a positive change is coming. In a sense, everyone needs optimism… The colors chosen contain more earth tones than the colors of 2020. Consequently, it consists of softer tones. This shows that people are turning to more soothing and nature-influenced color palettes.

If we briefly talk about the 3 color trends determined by Shutterstock, these colors are; "Set Sail Champagne", a soft off-white shade; "Fortuna Gold" which is a rich yellow gold color and "Tidewater Green" which we can call a dark bluish green shade.

1. Set Sail Champagne

The first of the color trends is a natural, calm shade that is preferred in many combinations. Including earth tone palettes or pastel tones. Set Sail Champagne (# FAEBD7) is also influenced by pale tones imitating wood or limestone, columns, ivory sculptures.

Shutterstock describes the color as a lighter version of orange that is close to white and similar to pastel orange. In short, our color has a light orange tone, warm, creamy, nature-inspired color.

One of the biggest features of the color is that it creates a natural feeling with its pastel tones. The other is that it creates a luxurious and magnificent perception with its brilliance. For this reason, many international luxury brands often include this color in their products. Set Sail Champagne is a color that reflects the spring atmosphere and is consistent with its minimalist fashion style. At the same time, you can easily combine it with many other shades such as white, black, red, brown, greenish or shiny metallic hues.

2. Fortuna Gold

The second color in the Shutterstock 2021 color trends is Fortuna Gold (# DAA520). Fortuna is the name of the Roman goddess of good fortune and fertility. The name of this color is inspired by this goddess. Color represents warm, deep, shining gold, chance events and happy coincidences. We can define the color briefly as a light shimmering, transitional, dark, rich and remarkable yellow tone.

The direct complementary color of Fortuna Gold is sky blue that brings to mind the wheat fields and the sky. For a more naive palette, you can combine it with earth tones such as mustard yellow.

Color has been featured in the designs of international luxury names such as Chanel and Roberto Cavalli many times in previous fashion seasons. Similarly this year, it will be seen frequently in both luxury products. And bold pieces that want to create a remarkable impression.

3. Tidewater Green

This color, named after the tides and the flows of the seasons, represents dynamism, mystery and sensitivity. Tidewater Green’s (# 2F4F4F) base color is teal. Therefore, its roots come from both blue and green. In addition, it has traces of nature due to its thick forest cover and dark body of water color.

The Shutterstock color has a fluid and enigmatic personality. It's also hybrid, distinctive, symbolic of change and modern. Most importantly, it is also thought to be the innovation green symbolizing the generation looking for a better future after the Covid-19 outbreak is over. Color has already begun to appear in the new collections of many brands.

This natural hybrid color blends in beautifully with red orange. Which is another hybrid color on the color wheel. In fact, it is often preferred with lighter green tones such as lavender and sage.

Color Trend of Turkey

Explaining the color trends of 2021, Shutterstock also researched the experiences of people living in different locations. As a result of this research, it determined the most searched and downloaded colors in each country. Turkey is among these countries. According to the report, the color trend of our country is dark turquoise with the code # 00CED1.

Dark turquoise is a little mysterious and unusual shade of turquoise as we know it. It is a color especially preferred by women. Closely related to cyan and water, this color is a mix of blue and green. It represents calmness, silence, creativity and wisdom.

You can also contact our sales team for the CBME Turkey Connect digital experience if you want to present your products and magazine containing the color trends of the year and reach the buyers in your target markets easily.

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