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Publish Date: 2 November 2021

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Generation Z: The Future of Shopping

Generation Z, which has a say in the global consumer market day by day...Conscious and sensitive on social issues, and at the same time intertwined with technology... In this article, we will share with you the habits and characteristics of Generation Z. They will shape the sectors, influence trends and purchasing habits.

As in every sector, Generation Z creates effects in the children's products sector, and there is no way to ignore these effects. Industry professionals should also make future-oriented marketing and sales strategies with Generation Z in mind.

So who is this Generation Z? They are also known as Gen Z. They are considered to start with those born after 1990. This generation has not been integrated into technology like Generation Y. They were born directly into technology. Despite its young age, it is a generation that is aware of its responsibilities and has a high awareness.

Generation Z currently constitutes 23% of the total population in Turkey. 52% of parents say that the thoughts of their children from Generation Z are quite decisive in their purchasing decisions. In other words, this generation also guides their families thanks to their digital knowledge. This shows the importance of Generation Z in today's market. Think with Google research also points out that they will affect many sectors in the coming years. 

Generation Z Characteristics and How to Approach Them

Generation Z is known for its various characteristics such as more individuality, inquisitiveness and skepticism, thinking about socialization with digital, caring too much about its presence on the Internet, accessing information quickly and being interested in results rather than causes.

We are talking about a generation that not only dreams but realizes them... They have high technical skills and are used to accessing all kinds of information with the power of digital. Therefore, they think they deserve more than what they have.

It's easier to draw their attention to a physical product. However, the offer needs to be profitable and the advertising message needs to be short and deep. Thinking deeply, giving clear messages will impress them and build brand awareness.

This generation, who prefers to plan ahead what they will buy while shopping, also wants to stay in contact with brands more. They are waiting for special offers and approaches that will make them feel important. Moreover, eight out of 10 people are ready to give up their favorite brand if they find a higher quality product. In addition, fast delivery is also a very important reason for them. Brands have to be creative with their messages to generations Y and Z. Also fast and honest...

Sense of Fashion 

With Generation Z, wardrobes are almost in a rainbow scheme. For Generation Z, which continues the fashion trends of the 90s, the indispensable items of this period, from jewelry to sparkling accessories and colorful sunglasses, have surfaced again. The influence of them is also great in the trend of returning to the 90s in children's fashion.

The concept of gender-based clothing, which is also reflected in children's fashion, is now on the dusty shelves of the past... They prefer looser cuts that combine masculine and feminine elements. There is now a more unisex look where gender boundaries are blurred.

Digital World


The reason why we call Generation Z the most global generation is that the Internet is always under their fingertips and they have been hanging out on the Internet, which we call the digital world, from an early age.

Members of this generation also have more social media accounts. Visual communication has an important place for them. 72 per cent of Generation Z say that they shop more easily from the brands they follow on social media in 2020. Experiencing something new in their purchasing preferences is also an important factor. Therefore, the share of small-scale brands is also growing rapidly. Because for them, the experience of the brand is more important than the brand itself.

Social Consciousness

Generation Z pays attention to the extent to which brands use their financial power to improve the world and their social stances. Since they also care about this, they prefer second-hand or environmentally friendly, sustainable clothes. To connect with them, brands must have a sustainable and
equality-based work ethic and social consciousness. Because for them, the actions and stance of brands are more important than their words.

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