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Publish Date: 1 February 2022

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Autumn - Winter 22/23 Kids Fashion 

The unique colours make us feel the excitement of the new season. And these colours don't just affect adults. They also affect the children fashion industry as well. We will first dive into trends of children's fashion in the autumn-winter season. Then we will look at the colours encountered most often during the 2022-2023 season. Autumn-winter season kids products trends and the developing fashion perception will be examined deeply.

Autumn - Winter Kids Fashion Trends 

We can feel the energy of colour on all living things in nature. In this complementary system, we are excited to see the colours reflected in child fashion when the energy of colours is in excise. So, what are the kids' trend colours for the 2022 and 2023 autumn-winter seasons? According to WGSN, Jade is the leading colour of the season.

Autumn - “Jade” in Winter 22/23 


Jade's stabilizing nature gives people a soothing role in seasonal transitions. This colour is believed to protect the soul and body from diseases. It also passes as the lower shade of blue. It also resonates in many industries due to its permanent appeal. Jade is one of the decisive colours of autumn-winter child trends. Especially as a balancer and tranquillizer.


A thousand-year-old worth of honey that goes all the way to the ancient Egyptians. It had a ritualistic value in the ancient Egyptian era. It was also used for treatment. Yellow is the colour of such a valuable substance. It gives an appetizing feeling, as well as a refreshing warmth. The colour of the honeycomb, where the honey is obtained, is gold. It makes the mustard tones part of the palette. The brightness and light inside the honeycomb colour make it very suitable for sports. As well as children's clothing, due to the energy it produces.

Digital and Color Trends 

Colours have an important role in children's clothing industry trends in autumn 2023-winter. Colour tones such as mango Sorbet, Galactic Teal and Lazuli will often be used in toys, children's sports clothing, polar, plexus and velvet fabrics. The trend reflection of technology and the rise of the digital age will continue through the colours. The effects of digitalization on both store and online shopping seem to change the child trends completely. So we will see a lot of metallic and digital fashion colours in the autumn-winter season.

With warm tones like Orange Oxide, which make seasonal colours authentic, vibrant cool tones like Sweet Coral and Orchid Flower will bring joy, while Lazuli Blue and Verdigris will be energizing the digital world.

There will still be a variety of independent tones in the children's basic colour palettes. For example, you can be sure that we will see a lot of OAT milk, Zinc and Vintage Blue colours in autumn-winter season kids fashion.

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