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4 Store and Display Window Trends in 20-21 Season

Store window designs always attract attention and especially those that make a difference stick in consumers' minds. The use of technology and awareness of trends in this area help brands integrate into innovative visions. In this blog post, we will talk about the technologies, designs and, trends that stand out in-store and display window designs in 2020-2021.

In this pandemic process, we’ve been going through, people and brands make an extra effort to turn positivity. At the same time, dreaming of an optimistic future has become an important activity in many areas. In fact, we already mentioned the reflection of this action on fashion trends in our last blog post.

In retailing, which is one of the areas undergoing a transformation with the effect of the pandemic period, visual designs have begun to be built on the basis of instilling hope in the consumer and creating a sense of optimism. For this reason, brands are turning to the much-needed message of hope and optimism for the future. In parallel with this, it is aimed to distract the customer from this uncertain times with the use of contrast colors in the display windows and store, to distract the customer from the current outside world with contrasting colors and retro designs, to focus on the shopping experience, to revive and inspire shoppers with creative and utopian patterns. In short, the biggest goal is to raise the mood of the customers and take them on a journey that concentrates on fun and shopping. In this regard, WGSN also recommends; "Spice up your store, use notes that reflect you, use messages that elevate mood and drive away from anxiety and chaos, go to the past in your designs to create a sense of escapism." 

WGSN, the world's number one trend forecasting agency, also talks about four visual merchandising trends that can be applied in 2020-2021. In this part of our article, we will talk about these 4 trends. These trends; “Code create, reconstructed legacy, technicality based on the concept of tactility and considered comfort.”

1-The “code creates” trend, which consists of the integration of the retro world and the futuristic future, is based on mystical plays of light and liquid. Here, the futuristic designs and accessories of the industrial world play an important role, as well as the rhythm of the repetitive light and fluid movements. Bright ombre colors, stainless steel surfaces, metal materials are among the elements of this trend.

2-Another visual merchandising trend, "reconstructed heritage" is based on the motto "modern design that honors the past". In the light of this motto, making use of old furniture and decorations; past legacy is reinterpreted for the future. Here, contrasts created by contrasting colors and the combination of different designs from multiple periods come to the fore. Industrial materials, mats, glass, or handmade lighting are among the items used in this trend.

3- The "Techtility" theme is based on using resources efficiently and sensitive to nature, and protecting this consciousness. The technical refinement trend that emerged in the light of this theme aims to leave a more livable world to future generations by using technologies that protect nature together with designs. In parallel with this, a futuristic and technological aesthetic is presented between real and virtual by using shaped, recycled metals, shiny curtains, geometric surfaces, transparent materials, mesh structures.

4-The latest visual merchandising trend is supported by the concepts of “comfort, a healthy and energetic life”. In this trend, round, curved, and tactile materials are preferred in order to create a warm and comfortable mood in retail places. Sepia-toned lights are particularly striking in lighting. Since they look more refined, imperfect but natural surfaces such as marble and wood are among the indispensable elements of this trend.

Published Date: 1 September 2020

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