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Publish Date: 24 May 2022

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Sustainable Fashion in 10 Steps 

The fashion industry, which has been experiencing more and more new developments; affects many industries, from design to retail, from magazines to textiles. The fashion industry brings unneeded consumption of resources into the background. It also offers a sparkling world. Many research recommends that the fashion industry be more careful about resource use and put it at the centre of sustainability. Increasingly well-understood sustainability helps protect the future of the world and to take care of the future. Can a sustainable fashion sense be achieved in 10 steps?

Sustainable Fashion; What Should Manufacturers Pay Attention to in 10 Steps? 

The fast consumption and production of the fashion industry reveal some threats to the ecological balance of the world and environmental health. Sustainable fashion, developed against the idea of fast fashion, aims to change this consumer and production system. More awareness of the fashion world's role in doing its part brings about promising developments in the world and its environmental health. At this point, important tasks are also falling to manufacturers operating in the fashion industry. When developing a sustainable product, manufacturers should be aware of the following:

  • The key point of sustainability is recycling. Organic materials can concentrate on production and chemical use should be reduced.
  • As little waste as possible in manufacturing, waste management should be treated more consciously.
  • Using renewable energy sources in production should contribute significantly to both companies and environmental health. This can be done by using sources such as solar and wind energy.
  • Rather than disposable clothing, substantial changes should be made by adopting a more durable, quality and long-lasting manufacturing concept.

What Should Consumers Consider When Purchasing a Sustainable Product?

The future of fashion can improve with the right and efficient use of resources. As we try to ensure the health of the environment through sustainable fashion, we have significant responsibilities to consumers. Well, manufacturers as well. The fashion industry must act on sustainable textile production with the change in consumer habits. The aim to do is to meet the demands and expectations of users. Users should be aware of the following in order to promote sustainable fashion flow: It's important to know about the manufacturing techniques of brands. Further research on the conditions under which products are produced can help promote sustainable products. Researching brands and paying attention to their steps in sustainability can help promote environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. When purchasing clothes, fast consumption factors can be prevented by choosing durable and high-quality products. Supporting the second-hand clothing industry can help restore unused clothing. Research on whether products are manufactured from recycled materials can encourage brands to produce ecological products.

Sustainable Fashion with Digital Processes  

Effective use of digital processes in the field of sustainable fashion also contributes to the development of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Applications that feature detailed information about brands' products are highlighted in this topic. Users can access all the stages of products from the digital world. They thus can purchase eco-friendly products. Second-hand clothing sales and clothing donation applications also make sustainable fashion more effective in the digital world. The digital world is also changing users' buying habits. Easier and faster shopping brings fast consumption. Tracking accounts that support sustainability, especially on social media, allows for environmentally friendly shopping.


10 Simple Steps for Sustainable Fashion 

Preparing a sustainable wardrobe seems to be a challenging process. But this is an important step for the future of the world and environmental health. For more ethical and sustainable fashion, the following 10 points can be implemented:

  1. Products offered by the fashion industry should not be purchased unless necessary.
  2. Long-term products are among the indispensable of a sustainable wardrobe.
  3. Shopping should be made from brands that adopt sustainable fashion.
  4. Instead of shopping sites that encourage fast consumption, environmentally friendly brands should be preferred.
  5. Seasonal clothes can eliminate the need for new clothes every season.
  6. Donating unworn clothes instead of throwing them away makes significant contributions to sustainability.
  7. Taking good care of clothes and using clothes carefully prevents rapid consumption.
  8. Focusing on the quality of products rather than their prices eliminates the need for constant shopping.
  9. Preferring fashion products made from organic materials contributes to environmental health.
  10. Attempting to repair worn and damaged clothes prevents the purchase of a new product. This also supports slower consumption.

Bringing all these items to life offers a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe. It is of great importance to dress with a sustainable consciousness. This is for the future of the world and the environment. Brands exhibit a more environmentally friendly approach than in the past. This fact also contributes to a sustainable life.

You can see these trends and more at İstanbul Expo Center between 7-10 December 2022. At the 40th International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo - CBME Turkey, you can closely follow the current developments in the children's textile and fashion products sector. And have the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence thanks to exhibition communication.

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5 Trends in Sustainable Fashion Concept 

Brands are trying to integrate sustainable trends into their products in light of the latest technological developments and innovative approaches. The aims of Sustainable Fashion integration are to make a difference in the fashion industry, to take a conscious and sensitive attitude and to strengthen marketing activities.

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