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Organic Cotton: Safest Fabric for Newborn Babies

New parents often want to know what fabric to choose for clothes and for accessories for their newborn babies. Naturally, it is really important to use a non-allergic natural fiber-made fabric for the new babies’ soft fresh skin. And also for the children, this kind of fabric will always be helpful to you, as it is healthy and non-allergic

The answer to this question is very simple. The highest quality organic cotton will be the best choice for the baby blankets and clothes and accessories that touches babies’ skin directly. Why organic cotton? Because it’s the only kind of fabric healthy for skincare especially for newborn babies. But exactly why organic cotton is so important and why is it the safest fabric for newborn babies and children?

Cotton fabrics have better air-breathing and will keep your baby as cool as ever. The nature of cotton lets the skin to absorb and remove skin moisture and sweat easily. Synthetic fabrics do not let the air in and out, so the baby will feel more heat and will be uncomfortable.

Organic Cotton is Safe, Soft and Durable

Baby is born with sensitive skin that is so close to irritation. Their skin is thinner and softer. This means the rough and synthetic fabric can cause discomfort and rashes. Newborn babies’ skin produces less protective oils, so chemicals can dry out their fragile skin. An organic cotton is an excellent option as it is comfortable without chemicals.

Organic cotton is also great for babies who suffer from asthma. Unlike other materials, organic cotton doesn’t release small particles that can trigger an allergy attack. Organic cotton is safe, soft, and durable for all conditions and your baby will be thankful to you. The babies will sleep safely and calmly. The organic fabric is suitable for sensitive skin, irritation-free, breathable, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. These are all necessary for the baby’s care.