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Night Chic: Stylish Pyjamas

World Sleep Day is the 3rd day of March around the world and ıt's celebrated on Friday. We wanted to write to you about pyjamas because of this special day. In our article, we will talk about the change of pyjamas, becoming a stylish and stylish homeware product over time and being a part of everyday life. We will also learn from the officials of CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion's esteemed pyjama manufacturer and seller participants their views on pyjama trends and products.

Healthy sleep and night comfort are an important place in the development of children. In this regard, parents pay attention to everything from bed choice to the comfort and texture of pyjamas. Nowadays, parents prefer clothes that they feel good, which are integrating with their children's character, the trend of simultaneous elegance with ease (we also mentioned this topic in our first blog post), fabric and technology preferences pyjamas night clothes from its status to becoming products used as everyday household clothes.

Pyjama Preferences and Pyjama Trends in Children

When choosing pyjamas for babies and children, it should be noted that fabrics have a quality, air-free and non-allergic structure due to health reasons. At the same time, it needs to be a season-compatible texture, thickness, and it needs to be practically worn and removed given the moving structure of children.

Nowadays, pyjamas (such as tights, rubber tracksuit bottoms) are also popular in street fashion, one of the biggest effects of the integration of pyjamas into everyday life. These effects cause many consumers to care that they are as healthy and high quality as they prefer pyjamas. Therefore, it is remarkable, stylish enough to go out on the street, without sacrificing comfort, pyjamas reflecting the character of the wearer are produced. Cool cartoon characters are among the children's favourites in pyjamas, from the eagerness to wear the same team as the role-modelling parents, from witty words reflecting the child's character to glowing patterns like a light in the dark.

The models that lead due to trends in pyjamas produced are products with plaid, geometric shapes, retro-style pyjamas that glow or change colour, nature-inspired patterns and digitally printed pyjamas...

Reviews of Valuable Pyjama Manufacturers and Brands

We've shared some information about pyjama trends with you. At the same time, we had a conversation with Elsima and Roly Poly officials, one of the leading brands in the children's clothing industry related to this trend.

Let's read their views.

Question: Pyjamas have become more stylish and stylish over time. Can you tell us about the change in pyjamas in children's clothing?

ELSIMA: Pyjamas are now completely out of the concept of bedclothes. It is produced with stylish and stylish designs as well as comfort, which we call home wear. When designing our products, we create products in outerwear style that can be worn outside the house as well.

ROLY POLY: In the period from the past to the present, parents are always made of quality fabric for their children; they prefered pyjama sets that wrap and worm in winter do not sweat in the summer. This has changed today, while parents have only been careful to wear it in the house, in bed. Now that the children's pyjamas kit is being bought, it's not just that they can be worn at home; Every hour of the day at home, school and park places are preferred for clothing appropriate teams. On the other hand, printed products that are intriguing in children's pyjamas kit models are on the rise today. Wearing a slumber suit belonging to a character they love, walking around with it, playing and sleeping makes the kids happy.

Question: What are the new pyjama trends, preferred fabrics, patterns? Can you give us the information?

ELSIMA: Our top priority criterion is to use harmless materials for health. Our primary criterion is to use harmless materials for health. We produce our products with 100% cotton accuracy. The fabrics we use are purely cotton content, with a few exceptions. The new trends have brought pyjamas completely closer to outerwear. In our winter collection, tracksuits now take up a big space. Nature colours and nature-inspired patterns are among the trends again. 

ROLY POLY: Pyjama models under the home clothing category have actually been of great importance since the past. Parents prefer carefully produced pyjamas for him and her child to move comfortably at home and have a pleasant sleep experience. The most important considerations in these preferences are; it has soft fabric and has a flexible fabric to produce cotton-weighted fabric and to move comfortably. In other words, as we understand from here, the fabric characteristics of the product are among the most important points in the first place. Afterwards, the individual must have the design to attract interest. Although parents pay attention to the fabric characteristics when buying pyjamas, this issue leaves children in place for design. Our company's priority is to combine quality fabrics with remarkable designs and appeal to both families and children. At this point, we're getting great success with family pyjamas sets. Our family pyjama sets combinations produced with interesting design and first quality fabrics are of great interest.  

Question: You have a lot of experience in fairs, what are your suggestions for the new exhibitors? What advantages does being included in İstanbul Kids Fashion?

ELSIMA: İstanbul Kids Fashion is fair at the heart of the children's clothing industry. Here we companies, introduce our new season and showcase the new products that we add to our collection here and meet with our customers and get new customers. Although we participate in the fair in many countries during the year, İstanbul Kids Fashion is a kind of home where we make these activities the most powerful. As the Turkish children's clothing sector, this fair is where we show our strength on the world stage. We need to approach with this awareness and prepare seriously for the fair.

ROLY POLY: All international and national fairs play a very important role in the marketing and trade activities of enterprises. We are always aware of the importance of fairs, especially İstanbul Kids Fashion, as the company is aware of the importance of fairs, especially İstanbul Kids Fashion, as it provides the opportunity to promote the products you produce on national and international platforms with great efforts. Join Kids Fashion as it provides new participating firms with many advantages, such as being able to closely monitor sectoral developments, get feedback directly to potential customers, analyze market situations. We advise them not to hesitate. They can be sure that regular fair exhibitor will always have valuable returns in the short and long term.