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Publish Date: 4 May 2023

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Meet the Alpha Generation: How Do They Affect the
 Industry and Shopping? 

Generations are divided into groups according to the year of their birth. Among these groups, the generation born or to be born between 2010-2025 is called the alpha generation. The alpha generation, who met technology at very early ages due to the era in which they were born, directs the sector trends with their preferred toy and clothing products. Now baby types of equipment are designed in a genderless and technological way. In addition, the alpha generation establishes a strong bond with the e-commerce sector. While home delivery may seem strange to older generations, it's quite common for the alpha generation. Listening to this generation shows that companies will experience a peak in product sales in the coming years. Fashion trends that have made a name for themselves around the world now determine the design and display according to Alpha Generation. Fashion doyens and digital platforms shape their production criteria according to the alpha generation. It is important to remember that the new generation recognizes brands from the age of three.


What are the Shopping Preferences of the Alpha Generation? 


The Alpha Generation generally embraces the non-physical e-commerce model and virtual reality sales. The generation that prioritizes virtual reality, supply its shopping needs from e-commerce sites and various applications. Thus, the Alpha generation also gives sales ideas to retail sector companies. Displaying their on e-commerce sites and promoting them on virtual reality platforms increase retailing companies’ sales. The Alpha Generation, who spends their daily lives mainly on digital platforms, also takes into account the suggestions and advertisements here. All kinds of fashion trends shared on digital platforms attract their attention.

What is the Effect of the Alpha Generation on Shopping Trends? 

Alpha generation influences their parents during the shopping phase. This generation adopts sustainable technology that aims to recycle and protect nature in their shopping preferences. In response to this demand, the toy industry and children's clothing fashion are starting to include sustainable products. These products are produced by re-introducing old products or exchanging features. Sustainable games also attract the attention of the Alpha Generation. For this reason, the alpha generation, fed by equality and radical decisions, likes those brands to produce sustainable products.

A sustainable playground is the favorite of the alpha generation. The alpha generation, who spends a lot of time in the virtual world, recognizes and adopts the brands that represent themselves on the digital platform. With the e-commerce model, they buy toys through these brands. In addition, the alpha generation gives ideas to kids’ clothing fashion by establishing virtual wardrobes in virtual games and metaverse universes. Focusing on sustainable technology and highlighting product images will help you reach the alpha generation easily.

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