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Importance of Child Safety in Car

The most important issue in car travel is child safety and comfort at the back seat for sure. First of all, to ensure that your child is safe, you have to know the details of child security in the car.

- Your child should sit in the child seat at the backseat of the car.

Since 2010, in accordance with the laws of the European Union, children under 135 cm and weighing less than 36 kg. are required to travel in an approved car child seat. According to the surveys, the rate of child deaths is 3% in accidents where child car safety seats are mandatory, whereas in non-compulsory countries this ratio is as high as 46%.

- Choose a safe child car seat with a known brand.

Choose the approved car seats with an ECE certificate that is appropriate for the child's height, weight, age, and the car used in compliance with the European Safety Standards. The weight and age limit for each child's car seat may be different. It should be noted that there has to be an ISOFIX (International Standard Organization Fix) connection or a seat belt to ensure the most secure and easy installation of the baby car seat to the car seat. Also check if the baby car seat is compatible with the vehicle being used.

- Do not put your child in the front seat.

It is very risky to have your child sit on the front seat of a car. Children can have the risk of drowning with the airbags, sudden brakes, or collisions. Therefore, it should not be preferred for safety.

- Be sure to attach the child car seat belt.

Make sure that your child's seat belt is securely fastened when traveling in the vehicle. To ensure the safety of your child in the car, be sure to use the seat belt whenever the child is on board.

- Make sure that the children's hands and fingers are not trapped.

Children can be very active in the car, they can put their hands everywhere, like doors or windows. You should be very careful when opening and closing the doors and windows and check your child. The fact that the windows and doors must be protected by a child lock for safety in the vehicle.

- Never leave your child alone in the car.

Never leave your child alone in the car, even for short operations, even if you have a short period of work. Keep in mind that the temperature inside the car can exceed 40 degrees in summer and this can lead to fatal consequences. Also, never forget the possibility of children’s abduction from the vehicles easily.

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