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How to Dress a Toddler for the Cold Weather

Toddler winter clothes should both keep your little child warm and flexible for movement and activity. A child is always mobile, so he needs to be able to move easily. Toddlers always has extra energy for climbing, jumping, or running around, so they need space in their clothes. Besides you have to let them get dressed or get undressed by themselves easily with these clothes.

Here are some shopping tips for toddler winter clothes to focus on for parents:

•Choose light layers. Choose cotton shirts, which will make your child’s body feel like breathing. Do not go for bulky sweaters, these will make them feel too hot and the hot feeling will prevent them from moving around easily. Make sure their socks aren’t thick that your toddler's boots don’t fit comfortably over them.

• Find fine outerwear that suits your toddler. Choose a wind and water-resistant outer shell material and wind chasing material on the inside. The zipper should run all the way down to the knee or ankle to make taking it off easier. And check that cuffs fit tightly around ankles and wrists to prevent the cold from getting in.

•Choose mittens not gloves. That means never try to put those little fingers one by one into gloves. Instead choose mittens, without finger holes. Mittens should have a warm inner lining and a weather-resistant shell.

•Find a warm keeping hat. Most of the body heat is lost through the head, so a warm hat is a vital item in the winter wardrobe. A cotton or soft-wool knitted hat with ear flaps is the best option.

•Choose safe and easy clothing features. Snaps and zippers are really good choices for toddlers. Avoid ribbons and strings that might cause danger for the toddlers.