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How to Decorate a Child's Room with Textiles

Textiles can make a room look too serious or make an imaginative touch and make it look so cute. That is how the textiles differ from how you place them. Maybe that’s why we love discovering all their specialties.  The child’s mood, his/her age, and the way he/she feels will bring some great ideas to have fun while decorating with children’s textiles.

New Trends on the Block: Mixing Patterns 

If only a couple of years ago we never had the style to match different patterns and even different colors with each other especially in decoration. We were eager to have everything in order and in harmony to avoid unusual outcomes, but today the opposite is the trending style: be bold and brave to make lively combinations of very different colors, textiles, and patterns. Having them all look the same is a thing of the past, now you can buy the one you like and combine it with anything you have at home. There is so much freedom than ever.

Have Fun With Black and White Textiles

Usually, we never chose black and white for children's’ rooms textiles. That was the normal thing for decoration. But today we use both of these colors and match them with lively bold colors. Now we are aware of the beauty of black and white atmospheres in Nordic style children’s bedrooms. This concept is also fun since we can find plenty of patterns that we can combine with other elements like children’s prints.

Carpets with Characters

Putting a carpet on the floor is another fun job when decorating children’s bedrooms because that will become their playground. That is why carpets are very important in children’s bedrooms. Go and find a carpet with a character that will stand out and be more than a simple game area. Ethnic styles, geometrical shapes, vintage inspirations all are waiting for you.

Children's Textile Themes

If you like themed room decoration, you can also have that concept with textiles. Go for a theme that kids will love, such as animals or nature, and combine it with funny and colorful children’s textiles. You can find pillows in all different shapes, and Nordic covers can surprise you with their designs, so you will find the inspiration that you look for.