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Publishing date: 10 March 2021

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Consumer Behaviors and 3 Trends Will Play Key Role 

As the world changes in every sense. No matter which generation we belong to, consumer behaviors are changing rapidly. As a result, the way to sell products is to understand consumer behavior. As well as to create the most appropriate communication for the consumer groups 

People's shopping habits changed significantly. That is because o the developments in the fields of climate, economy, health, and technology. Consumers are now buying the bond established with the brand rather than the product itself. That's why it's more important than ever to understand the way consumers think and behave. WGSN, the world's leading trend forecasting company, talks about 3 trends that will facilitate this interpretation process and play a key role in consumer behaviors.

Consumer Behavior Shows that; Future Consumer Seeks Simplicity and Calmness 

There are 3 trends that play a key role in consumer behaviors in the new post-pandemic era. These are fear, desynchronized society, and radical optimism.

1. Fear 

Firstly, post-pandemic political-economic factors are creating an increasing concern for consumers. Because this fear is rapidly advancing globally due to the digital age. Also has become a demographic unified. Consumers begin to imitate each other and show similar shopping trends. As fear spreads rapidly through social media. For example; In the USA, 57 percent of teens and 40 percent of parents are afraid of an armed attack. In 2019, there is a 300 percent increase in bulletproof backpack sales in the USA.

2. Desynchronized Society 

Secondly, technological developments, flexible offices and working hours have radically changed human interaction. In the new order, people still continue to do the same things. But no longer at the same time and in the same way with other people. Moreover, collective interaction moments are also getting lost. As an example of going to work, shopping in stores, and doing sports outside, etc. As a result, a desynchronized society structure emerges.

Desynchronization negatively affects the psychology of most people. The consumer group that we call "stabilizers" has also turned towards extreme improvement. That is in every aspect of their lives to avoid this situation. In order to take the attention of this tired and bored consumer group, it is necessary to be in favor of simplicity and calmness both in physical stores and in the digital environment. Moreover, you can offer your customers ease of decision-making with limited variety and exclusive products. Instead of displaying dozens of similar products in your stores. This always makes purchasing difficult and confusing. So that you can gain their loyalty. For example; the sales of stores with limited variety will increase by 5.6 percent by 2023.

At the same time, you should remember to integrate your communication paths. That would provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Therefore, it will be in your profit to communicate more directly and regularly with your consumer audience, who are tired of the messages that are constantly sent about the products they are interested in, to recognize their interests, and to invest in target-oriented campaigns in 2022.

3. Radical Optimism 

Thirdly, depressing news, despair, pandemic, economic fluctuations… Despite all this, there will be a positive change in the world in 2022. This change will bring radical optimism, a rebellious and bold choice in consumer behavior. Because there is a large mass of people who believe that things can still improve, we are improving day by day and it is still good in the world.

The so-called "New Optimists" and encompassing a wide range of consumers from boomers to Generation Z, prefer to direct their concerns towards more beneficial activities. Young people, by channeling their fears into cheerful activism, volunteer in local communities and seek to support change through social and emotional learning. Therefore, the way to reach a young audience with these consumer behaviors is to have a brand identity that supports change in global and social issues.

2. Positioning 

In the digital market, it will be advantageous for you to position yourself correctly for your brand and to know how your competitors position themselves. On which platforms do your competitors advertise? With what slogans do they market their products? Do they collaborate with influencer-brand ambassadors? Are there product review videos on video platforms? Answering such questions will reveal how brands relate themselves to consumers. With the right steps, you can be more competitive and more accessible.

Here, we would like to draw attention to another important point. You should be standardized in terms of information and visuals in social media, on your website, on sectoral platforms. In other words, you should show the same logo, same address, same expressions, and same stance. This will make you more professional and therefore more interesting.

3. Marketing Best Selling Products 

Critical success factors for online startups are having an outstanding product, a catchy brand, and fan engagement. If you know the strong and distinctive sides of your brand, you can become advantageous in the digital market. Identify the most preferred and most purchased products by your customers and develop marketing strategies based on them. For example, bring user comments about these products to your site, use the images of these products in advertising expenditures and focus on these products, gift your products to those who can be brand ambassadors, and let them share their experiences.

 4. Being Accessible 

Nowadays, big companies such as Amazon and Google have started to distribute products with drones and robotic technologies. Because, even in the digital world, the process of reaching of product to the consumer at the end of online shopping is one of the important reasons for preference. The preference of many brands or e-commerce platforms has a lot to do with the distribution network and speed. Users always want to feel safe for themselves and their products. Make sure that your distribution network is developed and you can reach your audience quickly and easily, create your distribution network and agreements accordingly.

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