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Choose Organic Textile Products for Your Baby

Organic textile products should be preferred in baby textiles. Organic clothing is the kind of product range in which harmful substances do not interfere with the content from the raw material stage to the production line. Non-organic, especially cotton and cannabis, are grown using toxic substances, insecticides, and fertilizers. In addition to being harmful to the environment, when the clothes touch your baby's skin, they pass through the tissues to the blood. During the cultivation of organic textile fibers, production is carried out without adding any chemicals to the soil. Although organic cotton production in the world is still insufficient; Turkey is one of the most important organic cotton producing countries in the world.

Baby’s Skin Is Defenseless

Babies' skin is much thinner and defenseless than adults’ skin. Especially the folds of the baby's body, the underarms and legs are affected very quickly. The substances that accumulate around these areas over time can cause health problems in your baby’s health ranging from simple skin allergies to very serious diseases. In recent years, the increase in health problems such as asthma and eczema is caused by such problems. It is important that the baby's clothes are made from cotton, soft and natural fabrics.

Look for Quality Certificate in Baby Textile Products

When shopping for baby textile products, you should choose products that do not lease paint and which are not exposed to chemicals that cause allergic reactions (Eko-Tex standard 100 documents). The Eco-Teks label is an ecological quality approval that expresses international credibility. Products with this quality certificate will tell you that they are reliable for you.

Benefits of Organic Textile

The nature of your baby's natural oil secretion in the skin is poor. For this reason, your baby's skin is less self-relieving, and the moisture of the skin is less. Organic baby textile products protect the skin that provides moisture and softness. It strengthens natural lipid and natural moisturizing layers for the skin.

Organic products provide healthy and well-structured skin breathing. It activates the skin metabolism. Thanks to the plants that nature produces, it ensures that your baby's skin is calm and healthy. Organic products do not contain artificial color, odor, and alcohol. Under these conditions, you can choose the reliable textile products for your little precious ones.