CBME Turkiye | 11 - 14 December 2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center Hall 1-2-4-8

Visiting Hours | 09.30 - 18.30 (Wednesday-Friday)
                           09.30 - 16.00 (Saturday)                          

Children's Evening Gowns for the New Season

Children's evening gowns attracts the appreciation of everyone in special events and nights. For every age group, fancy and stunning children gowns prepared for babies, girls and boys have an impact on the market. They need to be prepared according to their simple basic needs.

Children's evening gowns that are made as special designs are directly affected by the trends of the day and the trends of fashion, have a very important sale portion in the market. Small girls dressed in harmony with their mothers and the little gentlemen racing with their fathers draw attention on every occasion. Even if you look at the sales segment, the evening gowns of children are always in the foreground and are more active in sales.

0-16-year-old children's evening gown models must be appropriate for their ages, their unstoppable mobility and comfort. The outfits are prepared in amazingly eye-catching models and presented to your selection. Colors, fabrics and embellishments are prepared in a way that is preferred for the taste of the children and the choices of parents.

Special events and days are very important for the children and of course for the families as well. The children get very excited as well as the parents, they want to get prepared by themselves with every detail in enjoyment. Especially girls' evening dresses, with princess touches all around and plenty of accessories with ornaments have the highest likes in the shop windows.