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Publish Date: 19 February 2024

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Bows, The Latest Trend Taking Over Fashion by Nostalgic Storm

In the dynamic realm of fashion, the cyclical nature of trends has once again brought a timeless classic to the forefront — bows. These charming, nostalgia-inducing accessories are making a significant impact, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.



The Nostalgic Resurgence: Bows, often associated with a bygone era, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. From runways to street style, fashion influencers and designers are embracing this nostalgic trend, infusing a touch of elegance and whimsy into contemporary aesthetics.

Versatility in Fashion: One of the standout features of bows is their incredible versatility. Whether adorning dresses, blouses, or even shoes, bows effortlessly transition from casual to formal wear. The adaptability of this trend allows individuals to incorporate bows into their personal style with ease.

Red Carpet Glamour: Celebrities are not immune to the allure of bows. Red carpets have witnessed the glamourous comeback of bows, adding a dash of playfulness and sophistication to high-profile events. The trend's red carpet presence further solidifies its status as a must-have fashion statement.


Often associated with ballet dancers, school girls, and playing dress-up, bows are a signifier of youth. As such, they are often deemed frivolous. But, back in the day, the bow motif was a utilitarian component of style. Take, for example, the Middle Ages when bows were used in women’s and men’s clothing to keep garments in place, according to Summer Anne Lee, a fashion historian and adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

“It started with a functional purpose, [but] it takes on a two-fold purpose, where bows [are used] to tie something together, but it is also decorative,” says Lee. “They're part of this youthful prime of your life... a fashion statement associated with femininity.”

Source: Refinery29

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